Color Laser Multifunction Comparison

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Color Laser Multifunction Comparison

Comparing printers can seem like comparing apples and oranges: How do you select features? How do you figure out the true costs? Every manufacturer has a different style of specification pages. Many manufacturers make it nearly impossible to find key features. Figuring out the costs can be really complicated.

We’re here to make this easy for you!

The following comparison chart includes every currently available (October 2018) Color Laser/LED multifunction printer available from HP (including Samsung), Brother and Canon for less than $1,000. Note that some of the printers listed on the Samsung (HP) and Canon web sites are not readily available through Amazon, Staples or other common vendors and are not included. Some of those printers are obsolete but have not been removed from the vendor web sites, and some are printers currently available only through a traditional copier sales group and not in regular retail/online stores.

Additional models from other manufacturers will be added soon, as well as additional criteria for comparing printers.

Select any desired features using the checkboxes in the form below. By default, all manufacturers and all flatbed scanner lengths are selected and no other features are selected, so every printer is included.

For the consumables and total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations:

  • Average Monthly Monochrome Print/Copy Pages – Enter the number of pages that you expect to print that do not include color.
  • Average Monthly Color Print/Copy Pages – Enter the number of pages that you expect to print that do include color. Calculations will be based on these pages using black ink/toner as well.
  • Average number of pages per job – Some consumables, such as drums for Brother printers, have expected lifetimes that are based on a combination of the number of pages printed and the number of print jobs.
  • How many years will you use this printer – Printer lifetimes vary considerably depending on many factors. Typical lifetime for a low-end printer is 3 – 5 years. Typical lifetime for a high-end printer may be much longer, but it depends on usage and other factors. Many printers have scheduled replacement of the fuser, rollers, waste toner container or other parts at every 50,000 – 100,000 pages. If you plan to print more than 50,000 pages – e.g., more than 1,000 pages/month for 4 years or 2,000 pages/month for 2 years, then factoring in these additional parts is important. The information on this page currently includes toner and drums but does not (yet) include fusers or other long-term maintenance items.

Printer comparison category: Color Laser/LED
Brother International Corporation (8)
Canon U.S.A., Inc. (5)
HP Inc. (6)
Samsung - HP Inc. (3)
Flatbed Scanner Size
11" (21)
14" (1)
Additional Features (check if required)
Scanner Automatic Document Feeder (21)
Scan Double Sided (11)
Print Double Sided (17)
Wired Network (20)
Wireless (WiFi) Network (20)
Fax (19)
Average Monthly Monochrome Print/Copy Pages:
Average Monthly Color Print/Copy Pages:
Average number of pages per job:
How many years will you use this printer?

Matching printers:

All specifications are based on publicly available information from the manufacturer and are subject to change without notice.
Prices for printers, consumables and TCO based on latest available information and is subject to change without notice.

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