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Everything you need to choose the right printer

Web Page Printing and Output Format Issues

A well-designed web site looks great! But printing it doesn’t always work so well. There are a lot of options to help solve this problem. TL;DR: For the vast majority of situations, I recommend: Online viewable: HTML/CSS, generally with Javascript Downloadable Static Report: PDF Downloadable data for local manipulation/analysis: Excel As to the specific issue…
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A Brief History of Computer Printers

Computers have been around for about 75 to 80 years, depending on who you ask. ENIAC, the Atanasoff Berry Computer, Colossus, maybe something else. But computer printers have been around longer! Yes that’s right, the first computer printers were built before the first computers. Teletypes Teletype machines were initially designed as a way to make…
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Toner and Ink Alternatives

Cartridges Cost a LOT One of the biggest costs in computer printing – often far greater than paper and the cost of the printer itself – is toner (for laser printers) or ink (for inkjet printers). Manufacturers are heading to the razor and blades model – sell the printer cheap and make money on the…
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Why PDF?

Everyone has heard of PDF – the Adobe Portable Document Format. But what is a PDF file, why are PDF files so popular, and how does that affect choosing the right printer? What is a PDF file? A PDF file is a document format created by Adobe that can include text, images, fonts and other…
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Connecting Your Printer

Most printers are connected using USB, Wired Network or Wireless (WiFi) Network. There are some other current options such as Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication) and some older connections (serial, parallel) but for most people with most printers it will be USB, wired network or wireless network. Many printers include all 3 options, so what…
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